Dolls: before and today

I have decided I want a doll, I want to create outfits for her, brush her and make different hairstyles. I have spend a few hours in doll-sections in supermarkets, but I am pretty disappointed.

On the one hand, we have very many beautiful. amazing educational toys like “Create your own working robot”, “Grow magic crystals”, “Make your own model of the star sky” and a lot of cute quite-real toy-shops, toy-kitchens, doll-houses. I wish I had some of them in my childhood! 🙂

On the other hand, I have not seen a real cute doll yet. I mean a doll like a doll, a pretty abstract personality. There were a lot of really sweet soft toys-animals, a marvellous toy-houses:

But the dolls…

A huge amount of expensive (IMHO) Barbies in different clothes but with the same – I would say – bitchy face. A huge amount of Monster High dolls — I cannot understand what’s the point in possession of these terrible monsters. Weird creatures from “My Little Pony”, which looks even more awful than personages of Monster High. As far as I remember the cartoon was sugar-sweet without any werefolfs like the dolls.

And finally there are very realistic babies, which can laugh, cry with tears, speak, walk, drink, eat, piss, poop, ask for hugs, suck, sleep etc. A perfect substitute of a child.

And in my childhood dolls were dolls. Often not so pretty (let’s tell the trust — rather ugly), but abstract, so you could imagine what you want.
Two girls I had (the first photo is not mine, the second one is mine, and I had crotched her dress by myself! The second doll’s name is Lubasha, she is about 35 years old!):

So I am desperately looking for a doll like these old ones, because all my dolls are so far from me…


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