Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

The main point of Chinese parents: they turn their children into slaves of their mad ambitions just for the revenge of being slaves of their parent’s mad ambitions.

I DON’T AGREE Amy’s methods, but the book is interesting. And I consider Amy to be a perfectionistic narcissistic callous EGOIST. All the story I waited for the girl’s revolt and I was pleasant when Lulu finally confronted with her mother and won. I think Amy wants her daughter to be the best because this will show that she is the best mother, so she realizes herself with the girls. She uses them as an instrument all the book long, but never says it with clear words.

And where is the father? Where is he when Amy yells at his daughter, runs over them, humble them? Why didn’t he do anything in the episode with Lulu and “Donkey”? Ach, he told Amy that maybe Lulu couldn’t play it properly because of her age. And it was all. ALL. He allowed the obsessed mother to continue threatening HIS child. He allows Amy turn girl’s life in a horror and he seems not to pay attention to his daughters. Poor girls 😦

But I have to agree with Amy that rote repetition works wonders. And I think she was right making the girls to do new birthday cards for her (but unfortunately she didn’t understand WHAT REALLY the girls thought about her with these cards).


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