Best Friends for Never by Lisi Harrison

Best Friends for Never A nice book for young girls, something like The Devil Wears Prada for teenagers. Characters of heroes are shown more clear than in The Clique and generally the action is more interesting.

I am wondering how much Massie is unpleasant 🙂 I really don’t know why other girls want to be with her if she constantly abases them and tries to assert herself at their expense. I know that in real life Massie is a poor embarrassed unsure of itself child who can accept itself only with admiration of other people. And she buys and buys and dresses up and make parties only to suppress her inside emptiness and fear (I don’t mean she is fool, but she is so badly try to pretend to be imaginary ideal Massie that this intention fully exhausts her).

As for me Claire is much more better than Massie but she is base a bit too. I do not understand why she so hard works on getting Massie’s friendship and does not try to make her own clique (she has found Lane and I am sure there are more nice girls in the school). Well, there are moms who want them to be friends, but girls could only be polite with each other and kept their social lives parallel, not crossing.

Alicia has such a strong personality as Massie and acts like Massie, so I think she can be another “Massie” with time :).

Anyway I wonder how much the clique is unstable. Girls abandons Massie without doubts, they keep big secrets from their “the best in the world” friends, hit a nerve with premeditation. I really do not know why they are still together… maybe everything is because of popularity.


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