Dear children, please, don’t read this!

It’s very suggestive idea — to quote the following poem on the Literature test tomorrow 🙂

ATTENTION! It’s vulgar!

John Peale Bishop

The question, lords and ladies, is
With what did Percy Shelley piss?
Was light dissolved in star showers thrown
When Percy Shelley had a bone?

Transcendental love we know
Is packed, but has no place to go,
And Percy’s love, as he has said,
Resembled roses when they’re dead.

And rose leaves when the rose is dead
Are out of place, like crumbs in bed.
No letter yet has come to light
To say if Percy rose at night.

No lady for whom Percy pined
Has left a diary behind,
And so there still remains a doubt
What Percy’s love was all about.

Though scholars search, no letters come
Written in a flurry home;
We ask and ask, till silence palls,
Did Percy Bysshe have any balls?


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