Frozen, part two

I continue watching Frozen, and:

1. OK, I might be not right saying that isolation is not the best way of learning :). But Elsa is so powerful and she can do so precious things that I really doubt she couldn’t control herself. And if gloves had made her “accident-free” — why she didn’t just wear them every time she have to come out? No need of locking in a room 🙂

2. Olaf the Snowman is super, SUPER! 🙂 I strongly believe it is the best Disney’s comic character for ever — better than the Donkey in Shrek, and the Horse in Tangled, and Sid in Ice Age. The big Snow Mech is also very nice, finally a bit of ginger in the sweet story :).

3. It’s all their parents fault. I believe. It’s a classical psychological story, when a pushed away child desperately tries to be accepted.

4. If Anna already knows about the magic, why not to tell her about the accident in the past?

Nevertheless, I have found the moral conclusion of the movie quite good: speak with others and be able to regret. Everything would have been nicer if producers had paid more attention to logic and had created more original faces.


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