“I am not like others, look at me please please please!”

My friend’s post on Facebook inspired me.

He shared a link to the article http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/oct/04/i-married-myself-wedding. Ms. Grace Gelder who decided that she is the best partner for herself for ever and ever. And she made a normal wedding ceremony with herself.

OK, I think it was really funny and cute to have such a party and so on, but I really wonder if it was worthy of writing an article in The Guardian. Thousand of people ale living as singles. The most of them (it seems to me) suppose themselves to be the best partner for themselves — that’s why they chose such way of life. But they don’t make any philosophy of their decision, they just live, discreet and happy (I hope so).

I would not have been so disgusted if Grace’s wedding had been just for her relatives and friends. It’s her business, not mine. But the article seems to me to be just a kind of showing off and — maybe — a way of self-advertisement (since the girl is a photographer).

OK, let’s treat her decision as an expression of full self-acceptance. She said: “And just because I married myself, it doesn’t mean that I’m not open to the idea of sharing a wedding with someone else one day.”. I really doubt if it’s possible. Firstly she would have to get divorced with herself, and it’s mean… but what does it mean in fact? That she would act in disagreement with herself? Is it really good and praiseworthy? And if she is still innamorata di se stessa she will be unfaithful to herself with a man — it sounds really strange, does not it?

What is more about weddings… Russian (let’s say, all post-USSR) psychologists speaks very much about psychological incest which is very popular in our society. It means that a mother (rarely father) is so deeply connected with her child that she treat it as her husband — the opposite is also true. It does not mean that they make sex, but they are co close in their hearts and minds that any boyfriend/girlfriend is not possible (well, maybe only for making sex). This phenomenon was the first thing that came to my mind while reading the article.

And the last thing. My friend commented on his sharing that we need people who break rules imposed by society. OK, maybe breaking rules can be useful sometimes — but what rule the girl broke? That we have to have a partner? Ha ha ha. It’s not a rule anymore. I think now we can do anything we want and it’s accepted by different parts of society. And if we are talking about more general social rules — if we live in society we are obliged to keep up the rules of this society. I strongly believe in it. If you don’t like them — feel free to create your own society :).