I have got a new doll!

I have found her in Carrefour only for 30 PLN, so I have made an immediate decision — BUY!
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Steffi Love Mega Fashion от Simba

Until I have unpacked it I thought all Steffis are stupid (because of their open mouth). But at least they are better than Barbies, which look like bitches (sorry). Now I see that Steffi has a very kind and sweet face in real life, photos cannot depict it (and I am not a photographer 🙂 ):
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I tried to remove glittering eyeshades and I removed a part of the left eyebrow with them

Here is Barbie for comparison:

My Stefanie has a nice human figure – the bum, collarbones, curvy legs, which bend for two clicks (I dreamed about such doll all my life!) – and cool two-coloured hair (white and platinum blonde).
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And she can do it just like that!
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“I am flyiing!”

With her sister Evi:
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The quality of clothes is around doll standards, the style can be better, but they become Stefanie quite well. Boots are too big even if you put them on socks.

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“Jedna pani miała brylanty. I położyła je na oknie. Na parapecie. Żeby wszyscy widzieli. I, oczywiście, wszyscy jej zazdrościli. I te brylanty tak leżały i leżały… I leżały… I w końcu ktoś je ukradł. Chociaż okno było zamknięte.” (J. Chmielewska “Wielkie zasługi”)

Nevertheless, I am happy! 🙂