A bit about sounds

It happens that there is ash in Russian: /pʲætʲ/ (five).
And schwa is too: /ˈobləkə/ (clouds).
/ɪ/ also exists: /jɪˈzɨk/ (language). The same sound is widely used in Ukrainian, and I have been always talking that Russian /ɨ/ and Ukrainian /ɪ/ are different, even when I was a child!
But I cannot hear the difference between Russian /o̞/ and English (Ukrainian and Polish) /ɔ/ 😦 .

And there is a very nice video which was more helpful for me than Ship or sheep 🙂

Sounds always were a big problem for me. When I was little, I could perfectly bark, mew, cackle and scream as a dolphin, but I couldn’t catch the difference between sounds in my mother tongue and foreign language. Now I am badly trying to learn to speak English, but it’s a total failure. I would like to cut off my tongue and throw it out, because it is so disobedient. I am sure I cannot speak properly ever Ukrainian and Russian, but I don’t care. My friends also understand my Polish and Czech — and some of them suppose my accent to be sweet 🙂 .

So I dream to graduate as soon as possible and then never use my oral English not to discredit myself. Writing is much more interesting and I even know what is reciprocals 😀