We all will die

After watching An Inconvenient Truth I feel really depressed. For those who don’t know what the movie is about — during two hours a guy (probably a famous person, but I have never heard about him) demonstrate us our terrible influence on the ecological system. Air is polluted,  glaciers are  melting before our eyes, polar bears are sinking because of lack of ice-blocks. It’s terrible. I think everybody who has watched the film wants to prevent future very sad aftermatch.

BUT WHAT THE HELL HE EXPECTS ME TO DO??? Should I create new glaciers in my refrigerator? Should I stop using my own car which I have never had? Should I stop breathing not to create CO2 which pollutes air and causes a greenhouse effect? Everything he talked about should be prevent by governments, not usual people.

And all we will die. As dinosaurs died. As Ancient Roma died. I am not afraid of an instant death, I am afraid of  a long process of dying, of next Chernobyl, of next war. But using this guy’s logical way I can draw a conclusion that it would be better if mankind had never appeared, because it could keep the ecological system in primeval state. But as far as I know  the way of changing is the proper way of developing, so when we all die maybe new inhabitants will appear and will cause new ecological catastrophe — just to clean our planet for a regular time.

I wish I had never seen this movie.