I have got a new doll!

I have found her in Carrefour only for 30 PLN, so I have made an immediate decision — BUY!
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Steffi Love Mega Fashion от Simba

Until I have unpacked it I thought all Steffis are stupid (because of their open mouth). But at least they are better than Barbies, which look like bitches (sorry). Now I see that Steffi has a very kind and sweet face in real life, photos cannot depict it (and I am not a photographer 🙂 ):
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I tried to remove glittering eyeshades and I removed a part of the left eyebrow with them

Here is Barbie for comparison:

My Stefanie has a nice human figure – the bum, collarbones, curvy legs, which bend for two clicks (I dreamed about such doll all my life!) – and cool two-coloured hair (white and platinum blonde).
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And she can do it just like that!
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“I am flyiing!”

With her sister Evi:
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The quality of clothes is around doll standards, the style can be better, but they become Stefanie quite well. Boots are too big even if you put them on socks.

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“Jedna pani miała brylanty. I położyła je na oknie. Na parapecie. Żeby wszyscy widzieli. I, oczywiście, wszyscy jej zazdrościli. I te brylanty tak leżały i leżały… I leżały… I w końcu ktoś je ukradł. Chociaż okno było zamknięte.” (J. Chmielewska “Wielkie zasługi”)

Nevertheless, I am happy! 🙂


My new dolls

I have written about Evi and now she has got two sisters from China — Ivy (Baby World) and Beily (Defi). Girls have already exchanged with outfits as good sisters do 🙂

It’s Beily, she is the ugliest but the richest girl — she has four outfits and three pairs of boots in her studio:
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And in every epoch the wealth could beat down the beauty 🙂

Here’s Ivy in Beily’s dress and boots with her kitten:
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I really like her hair, so long and beautiful.

And the sisters together, with Evi in Ivy’s dress and boots:
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And a present from my best friend, I suppose it’s VEB Biggi Waltershausen. I adore her dark eyes, they are so rare!
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The doll has been found!

I have written that there is no normal dolls — I was wrong! Let me introduce: Evi Love by Simba! I have bought this one in the total blue outfit and now I try to sew/knit something new for her 🙂
What we have:

  • a normal, abstract but detailed face with sweet impression,
  • a durable make-up
  • an image of an abstract doll-girl, not a doll-woman or a doll-teenager
  • nice washable hair despite of a low price,
  • a doll can stand alone, legs and arms move (I have seen that legs in some models can bend, ut not in mine,
  • the poor quality of plastic boots, but the acceptable quality of clothes (I have not tried to wash them yet).

Dolls: before and today

I have decided I want a doll, I want to create outfits for her, brush her and make different hairstyles. I have spend a few hours in doll-sections in supermarkets, but I am pretty disappointed.

On the one hand, we have very many beautiful. amazing educational toys like “Create your own working robot”, “Grow magic crystals”, “Make your own model of the star sky” and a lot of cute quite-real toy-shops, toy-kitchens, doll-houses. I wish I had some of them in my childhood! 🙂

On the other hand, I have not seen a real cute doll yet. I mean a doll like a doll, a pretty abstract personality. There were a lot of really sweet soft toys-animals, a marvellous toy-houses:

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